Summer Heat Wave

Heat does weird things to people. Let’s face it–all of a sudden, the temperature and climate is Summer and we literally have a heat wave. Since last October, we’ve been looking forward to warmer weather. Our conversation was always peppered wistfully with “Remember when the temperature hit the 80s and it felt so good?”  Of course, this was back in December when we ventured out in blustery freezing winds with icy raindrops and dressed in sixteen layers of clothing.

Now, here we are in July, wearing the thinnest of tees and shorts AND still feeling like we are overdressed!

Don’t get me wrong–I love Summer. Where else do we get fresh, local blueberries and cherries earlier than usual? We’ve been feasting on juicy nectarines and fuzzless peaches and plump juicy Rainier cherries and gorgeous mangoes. The mangoes are from Mexico but oh-so-good! Local blackberries, raspberries and yes, even more strawberries are all out there. I love our baby nugget potatoes and fresh baby carrots and all the varieties of local lettuce plucked off the farm trucks. Summer is the absolute best for eating healthy.

But now, I want a little less heat, a bit more of a breeze and a hunky Magic Chef to cook for me. Is that too much to ask?

10 thoughts on “Summer Heat Wave

  1. Summer’s great, but my favorite season is, um, no, wait; I don’t have one. It’s a point of contention between My Beloved Sandra and me–she longs for summer all year long, and even in summer she wants it to be more summery. I don’t give a rat’s ass what weather we’ve got. Ever..

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  2. Love your comment, Ron–as long as you have your “Lucky Lady”–it really doesn’t matter what season it is. . .and that’s as it should be!


  3. Summer in Florida is to be endured. Most of us spend the work week running from boiling hot cars to our cubicles where we listen to the unending drone of the a/c only interrupted by the low roll of thunder every afternoon. By July, I’m ready for the first cool (temps in the mid-80’s) spell in October.


    1. We are definitely getting a little more breeze but there is still some smoke and a bit of haze in the air from the forest fires at the north end of our Island and from the Mainland. Now I’m wishing for a really good downpour of rain. . . .


  4. It’s been hot here too, Judee. The temperatures have come down a bit and even this morning it’s not as warm as it has been. I sometimes get so caught up with how hot it is, that before I know it, summer has passed and I want it back.


  5. The fruit in summer is soooo good- blueberry muffins with fresh blueberries, fresh raspberries, strawberry smoothies… but I’m with you on the heat- the fruit and weather at the end of summer/early fall is where my heart lies! I can’t wait for concord grape season….


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