Oreo Thins

It’s a catastrophe of monumental proportion—Oreo cookies are made thinner.  Thinner?  Yes, that is the horrific announcement in this morning’s paper. Horrific enough to make you grab your cup of caffeine, gulp it down and grab another.

Oreo cookies have always been my favourite to twist apart and eat the chocolate cookie first before eating the side with the white filling. The filling is probably not good for you but heck, that’s all part of the Oreo appeal..  According to the article, these new Oreos are thinner and meant for adults who don’t twist their cookies apart to eat the two halves separately. These adults probably don’t dunk their cookies either.

I have never seen anyone trying to make thinner carrots or broccoli or Brussel sprouts, although there have been plenty of miniature veggies out there.

What’s with this crazy obsession with calories and that F-word? Remember when we were kids? Oreo cookies and chocolate bars were much bigger back then. Come to think of it, everything was much bigger back then except for people. People were too busy building and working and raising their families to worry about being too fat or eating too many calories.  Oops, I said the F-word. Anyway, we were all much more active and any extra calories never lasted long as it was burned off very quickly.

So, what happened? I think we should boycott the idea of thinner Oreo cookies because as soon as it gets thinner, sure as God made little green apples, Oreos will be much smaller. And, don’t fall for that old ploy that smaller is better and there will be more Oreos in the package. I have yet to buy a bag of cookies that are filled to the top. I am definitely not buying smaller or thinner Oreos in a bag that is only 2/3 full.

Mr. Christie–I don’t want thin and I don’t want small. Just leave me my supply of regular-size Oreos ’cause I still love to twist and dunk!

7 thoughts on “Oreo Thins

  1. Chocofigbee Sammeeeeeee!!!! you are kidding me! This is ridculous. Are you sure?? Did you buy a pack and notice it was thinner??? America should leave the Oreos alone. It’s like adding more holes to Ritz cookies- no can do!!! Not that I count the holes, you just know if something is different! How can you now twist the oreos to separate if their thinner? What if the snap and break?? Please investigate further and give me an update 🙂

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    1. I know–I haven’t seen them yet but they’re marketed as “Adult” Oreos and they can’t be twisted. Hey, I never thought about the holes in a Ritz cracker??? Whoo-oa!
      That is really mind-boggling Rina!!! 🙂

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  2. Healthy, smaller, thinner, fewer calories, reduced-fat: all antithetical to any notion dessert. Dessert means that you ate your veggies like your mom said and now your reward is abandon. Why would anyone want to mitigate that!

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