Searching for the Perfect Home

Feeling in a frivolous mood and what better way to express this. . . .to all the little girls who believe in fairies, elves and gnomes. . . .

Searching for a home is universal–whether for fairies, elves, gnomes or humans. It is the same requirements: location, location, location. And the price has to be reasonable.

If brand new, the right tree in the perfect location has to be selected and must answer the many questions asked by the potential buyer,

Is the entrance (hole) facing the right direction? Is it high enough for an excellent view? Would the architect be able to design a 3-bdrm/2-bath plus a small attachment for Grampa?

Or perhaps a penthouse with its private ladder access might appeal . . . .?

Then there are all the other choices available. Did the buyer want a fixer-upper? A handyman’s special? Or maybe just a fresh coat of paint? What about landscaping? A basement suite?

Or maybe a nice ready-to-move-in home—–complete with nicely painted steps and door, a tiny table and is that a mailbox to the left. . .?

And there’s always that very secluded stone mansion in the woods . . . . .

Add a handy-dandy “Beware of Gnomes” sign to ensure no trespassers come through the woods uninvited. . . . .

See, those Tiny Folks are just like us when it comes to house-hunting. . . . .

6 thoughts on “Searching for the Perfect Home

    1. I’m glad Nan–it was a fun post to do as I had collected all these elves’s and fairies and gnome homes on my various walks rambling around my area. . . 🙂


  1. Hi Nan–it was over a number of walks in various areas around my neighborhood. It was a bonus when I spotted the tiny house with the rope ladder going up to its front door! And it’s been great fun keeping my eyes peeled for potential “real estate”!
    Glad you enjoyed this bit of whimsy. . . .


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