After a resting Winter, Spring is always a delight to welcome with open arms. I like to search for signs of Spring wherever I do my random walking routes. I hit a looloopalooza day yesterday, when I spotted a bountiful treasure of blooms, popping out of the ground and bursting forth from ornamental bushes as well as boulevard trees.

Daffodils, crocuses and snowdrops all vying for the attention of people passing by. . . .

This beautiful Dogwood tree, in early bloom, is BC’s provincial flower. It is definitely an early Spring surprise.

Whenever I see the simple sight of a row of yellow daffodils, lifting their heads to the warm sun, framed against a white picket fence, it makes me want to whip out my paint brushes and sketch book. . . .but I whipped open my senior cellphone’s camera instead. . . .

Magnolia trees are in various locations. My favorite has always been the deep pink, large as dinner-plate blooms. . . .

I love the sight of Spring crocuses bursting onto bare ground and a sparse lawn; it’s almost as if it couldn’t wait and just wanted to be out of the dark and into the sun.

And a rambling walker has to admire the trees too—-trees prove Spring is here. Pink camellias are in bloom. . . . .

Ornamental cherry blossoms makes the heart sing. . . . . .

Crocuses grow in the most unexpected places—rocky and bare. . . . .

Blossoming trees plus a blooming camellia bush are all positive signs that Spring has arrived in all her finery. YAY, SPRING. . . . .and that means, Summer is not far behind!

6 thoughts on “JOYFUL SPRING

    1. Oregon’s not far behind Victoria—it’s been a delight to seek out all the Spring signs and am sure I missed a few! Thank goodness for my senior cellphone camera—love that piece of technology. . . Your Spring is definitely on its way, Michael. Thank you for joining me on my walk. . . . 🙂

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  1. Better late than never. Just caught this post this afternoon, but your walk sounds perfect. We’ve had the daffodils, crocuses (they ARE my favorites for their hopefulness despite cold and snow), magnolia blossoms, and now are coming into tulips and blossoms on the trees (for us it is service-berry blossoms and crab-apple blossoms, but the apple blossoms will be along shortly).

    spring breeze
    cocoons open to
    magnolia blossoms
    ~Nancy Brady, 2021
    originally published in Presence, Issue #69, March 2021

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  2. Sounds as if Spring has arrived at your place, Nan! I love all the signs but my faves are the magnolias and their petals are already covering the ground like Victoria’s version of “snow! Such a short life. . .


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