Here we are with a sparkling new year, ready for our footprints to venture into new territory, or probably not-so-new territory, but perhaps different. I like to peruse the land ahead, figuratively speaking. Decide which new or old path to follow; discover if I’m enroute to a treasure or an adventure or just one of several dead-ends that lures a person forward only to end nowhere. I never consider this a waste of time, merely another of Life’s learning experiences and distractions. Dead-ends can be a gem, perhaps in the journey there; but, then again, dead-ends may be exactly what they are, dead-end duds. It all depends on attitude.

Attitude is everything.  Attitude carries the confidence to tackle whatever obstacles stands in your way–sort of like this Giant Ogre who stops you from the cache of riches behind him. You can only glimpse tantalizing sparkles whenever he inhales deeply. The view is blocked when Giant Ogre exhales, totally blowing you away. Meanwhile, we all know there is a trunk filled with valuables. We just have to figure out how to get around the ogre.

Cleaning out my files for the new year, I found my two unfinished stories. I had great beginnings and honking great endings, but this awful ogre is sitting smack dab in the middle. Thoughts of shooting it and/or blowing it up crossed my mind. I briefly entertained thoughts of bribing the Big Guy with my supply of dark chocolates. The bribe went into my tummy–to fuel my brain, of course—and the Hulk is still glued to the middle, with no intentions of moving along.

Being a serious, never-make-New-Year’s-resolutions Gal, I’m determined to somehow boot the Huge Oaf out and get moving. Enough is enough. Attitude and Confidence may not be enough. I’ll enlist Determination’s help too. My horoscope did say it was my year to shine—destroying the Ogre would make an impressive start.


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