I really love “sticky notes.”  You know, those little bits of yellow paper with a bit of a sticky back that allows you to tack the paper to anything as a “reminder?” Well, Windows 10 has a sticky note app and it’s great. I highly recommend it. I have a lot of stuff happening—deadlines to keep, stuff I need to do and appointments I need to remember plus all the other things that can clutter up your day. I get to type each day’s reminder on a different colour sticky note, not just yellow ones. Yep, my life is relegated to a colourful strip of sticky note reminders.

Up to a few months ago, the computer’s sticky note system was working well. That is, until the dreaded Microsoft updates. My computer is getting older and it can be persnickety, but each time it gets its updates, something gets lost or changed. This time, it hit the sticky notes.

Poking my computer awake from its sleep-mode, no sticky notes were visible—nothing on my task bar and absolutely nothing on my desktop. I didn’t panic.  I did have my backup calendar–the real one.  Calmly, I headed for my list of apps and clicked on sticky notes. Bingo! My chronological rainbow list of sticky notes bounced back on my desktop.

Today, my sticky notes were missing. Nada on my taskbar; nada on my desktop. I went to my list of apps and clicked on the yellow sticky notes. Nothing. I did it again. Nothing. I had to call in my expert. Hubby went through all the steps I had just done. Not a sticky note in sight. Sighing with frustration, Hubby and I looked at each other and turned the computer off.

Fortifying ourselves with a Dutch Bakery Dark Chocolate Kahlua, we braced ourselves and turned the computer back on. We then repeated the whole process again with no success.  I clicked on “Setting” and typed in “sticky notes.” The sticky note app popped up with a “Reset” button. Next to dark chocolates, I love buttons that I can push, turn or pull.  I pushed the button. It was a post-Christmas miracle—sticky notes were back with its rainbow list. Time to put the computer to bed–I’ll keep my fingers crossed that those darn sticky notes will still be on my desktop tomorrow.

Chaos, confusion, wars and disasters exist around the world, including North America. In 48 hours, the Old Guy will be heaving a huge sigh of relief that he can finally pass everything over to the New Kid, whose cocky confidence of leaping into the skirmish will be his initiation to a brand new year. The Kid will have a lot to contend with. I only hope he knows what to do if those darn sticky notes disappear again. . . . .


2 thoughts on “STICKY NOTES

  1. Dear Judee, Visitor from Eastern Canada wonders why you are not published in the local rag! I use purple “sticky” notes – they never get lost, but I don’t have them on my computer, just on my paper calendar and in my cupboard doors! Best wishes for a Happy New Year and more great “chocofigbee”s.


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