My first introduction to a pretzel was the cracker-like, snack-food kind—tiny, crispy. slightly salted and perfect with beer or a glass of wine.  I didn’t know they also came the size of a dinner plate; a twisty bread hot out of the oven with a slightly salty, crispy outside and a soft inside. My cousin demonstrated how to eat it slathered with hot mustard, but I preferred mine unadorned, tearing pieces of it and savouring the warm dough. Being young and skinny, both of us enjoyed our hot pretzels without any guilty thoughts of bread control.

So, it was a revelation to see that food trends had taken a new twist–pardon the pun. I always enjoy seeing “something old becoming new again,” but who would have put the lowly pretzel in the retro box?

I now think  of pretzels as the “perfect” food. You know, like a pizza that has your carbs, proteins and veggies, pretzels can be dressed up or down the same way.  There is a new pretzel cart in town. When I saw the pretzel cart, I dashed over to check it out. I love to nibble on the plain, hot twisty dough, but now I can add my choice of melted cheese, tiny cocktail sausages, teriyaki baby prawns, crispy bacon and a scoop of tangy salsa—see, carbs, proteins and veggies on a dinner plate size pretzel!

And, for all you chocolate lovers out there, there were also chocolate dipped mini-pretzels for dessert.  Heavens, what next?  Oh wait—I just spotted something new at my supermarket—chocolate dipped potato chips. . . Pul–leez tell me that’s not so!

19 thoughts on “Pretzels

    1. Hey, welcome back–I thought you were on a bit of hiatus! Nice to hear from you.
      Today has been a bit of clouds, a bit of blue skies and lots of cold wind! No rain yet. . . am soo-oo glad you don’t have any more of that “white stuff!”

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      1. Auntie Anne’s Pretzels is a franchise chain in the United States. We are fortunate to have the franchise available here in the Philippines 🙂 They’ve got other sweet and savory flavors. If you ever get the chance to stumble upon Auntie Anne’s try the original cinnamon pretzels!

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    1. Oh-boy–Pret-a-Manger sounds like my kind of pretzels. The imagery yours conjures up, Katia, has me thinking power-walk and pretzel cart for me today!
      Have to keep my eyes open for an “Auntie Anne’s pretzel when I visit my American neighbours–that’s closer than the U.K. Nice to hear from you, Katia. . .


  1. I used to love those large, warm pretzels slathered with mustard, Judee. Yum. Occasionally, I do get a craving for a package of yogurt covered pretzels. I’ll have to keep my eye out for a pretzel cart.

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