The Mom in Me

When you’re a little kid, it’s amazing–or maybe not–what memories are tucked away only to pop out some decades later.

My sibs and I could never slip out of the house without Mom’s eagle-eyes making sure we had our darn hats, “because it looks like rain or snow or. . “;   our awful rubber boots,”because it looks like rain or snow or. . .”; our winter coats even though the temperature was balmy and sunny without any storm clouds in sight; our warm, woolly gloves despite the fact that one or all of us often lost a glove somewhere along the walk home.

The other day I heard the familiar words, “Are you sure you have your hat? It looks like rain and there’s a cold wind blowing. What about your gloves? Do you have them in your pocket? Maybe we should wrap your warm scarf around your neck. . .”

My Mom merely rolled her eyes and laughed.  Oh my gosh, was that me sounding like my Mom? 

Some things just never change.  .  .  .

6 thoughts on “The Mom in Me

  1. I don’t think those sentences are said much anymore because the kids don’t go out in any weather. They’re inside, either at home or somewhere else playing video games or something like that. It’s sad. They don’t know what they’re missing.


    1. When I said those words the other day, Glynis–I had to laugh as I was saying all that to my Mom! Thank goodness, Mom has a great sense of humour but I was concerned as she was recovering from a bad cold. . . My grandkids are very active outdoors but they seem to need a lot less layered clothing than their grandma!
      There’s a lot the kids are missing out on (back in our days) while they’re forging their own paths using the technology of their generation. Guess we can nag—oops, “remind” them via texting! 😉


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