Mottoes, Sayings and Philosophical Thoughts

I love browsing through stores that have knick-knacks, magnets and coffee mugs with cute sayings. I’ve collected a few over the years–some I still have holding important notes on my fridge or clipped to my magnetic board posted in my den. Others I think got lost or misplaced during one of our many moves.

My girlfriend gave me one the year I thought I found Mr. Right who proved to be so very Mr. Wrong–if you know what I mean.

“Men are like a box of chocolates. Avoid the creams, the sticky caramels and the butter brittles–you want firm, but comforting  chocolate fudge.”   Mr. Wrong was definitely sticky caramel.

My favourite paper weight states: “When in Charge, be Fearless. When in Doubt, Mumble. When in Trouble, Delegate.”

I’ve known a few Supervisors who mumbled–now, I know why.

I always like the positive, optimistic, rah-rah-rah sayings.  It makes you feel good and really inspires you to “Go, Girl and Grab it!” whatever it is. One of my magnets says, “If you can Dream it, you can do it!” while the other reads Do what you Love and Love what you do.”–both of these I firmly believe in.

Another magnet reads: “Men are like coffee. The best ones are rich, warm and can keep you awake all night long.”    Uh-huh–I’m not going to tell. . .

Or how about:  ” Age is a number and mine is unlisted” for all those Nosy Parkers who have to know. . .

And my very favourite magnet reads:  “There’s nothing better than a Good Friend, except a Good Friend with Chocolate.”

Yes, very true!

So, do you have any to share?  Let me know via the Comment


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