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A giraffe’s heart is two feet long and can weigh up to 25 pounds.

I subscribe to this magazine called Mental Floss.  It’s fun and there are all of these neato facts.  This past issue was called “Big Questions!”  It included things like, Who invented the word twitter?  (Chaucer, in case you’re interested.) and why we have eyebrows.  Lots of fun. 

One of the questions was Do giraffes get head rushes?  The answer is no, because they have this phenomenal cardiovascular system that pumps blood at the highest blood pressure of any mammal.  With all that blood, how do they bend down to drink without it rushing to their heads, you ask?  Their arteries swell to absorb the excess blood, hold it, until they put their heads back up and then it sorts it and sends most of it to the brain.

I just love stuff like this.  I like to understand and I…

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