Love Slips in

Carl Sandburg described Fog coming in on little cat feet, but no one ever told me, Love slips in the same way–quietly, silently; it pads along ’til it touches the heart–caringly, happily, lovingly.

I had a busy working career and the social life was always with groups of close friends–both men and women. I had numerous blind dates set up by well-meaning friends who felt “this guy is perfect for you.”  He wasn’t. And so I headed into my 40s thinking exotic holidays and fun. The L-word was the furthest from my mind. Even my Mom had stopped wistfully saying, “Maybe this is the year when you’ll meet someone who will sweep you off your feet.” I met a lot of wonderful people whom I still call friends, but not The One. It wasn’t until a stranger with the sexiest voice called me on the phone and changed the course of my life. And, as we chatted liker old friends, we realized we lived only blocks from each other, used the same grocery store, the same bakery and often frequented the same neighbourhood restaurant on Saturday mornings. It was uncanny. We agreed to meet for breakfast the following Saturday to satisfy our curiosity about each other. Our mutual face-to-face meeting confirmed the instant attraction we shared on the phone.

Over the years, I realized that love is not all sunshine, roses and gypsy violins.  Before we were ever engaged, we had been through the gamut of well-meaning family and close friends who worried we were being hasty. Even after we took a year out to reassess our situation, we were never surer when we quietly reunited. And after we married, we went through both good times and bad; but always confident we had each other for the support to carry us through.  Over the years, I like knowing we can talk to each other about anything. I love your affection, your sense of humour, your loyalty. I love it  that you know I like scramble eggs and coffee for breakfast, not champagne mimosas. I loved all the little things you do for me that means so much more because I know you care. I love it that there’s no false pretenses, no silly mind-games between us–just good old honesty. And I love knowing I hold your heart as carefully as you hold mine.

Ron Lavalette’s post for July 27-2014   “Scrambled, Not Fried” found   at <>   speaks of his love for his beloved Sandra.  I felt this post perfect for Hubby and I as that is our anniversary date too.  It’s been 18 years so far so Happy Anniversary, Sweetie!




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