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Rainbow Moments

I love “rainbow moments.”  Rainbows are so beautiful but fade too quickly, so the moment has to be enjoyed immediately.

When I see a double rainbow, it makes that moment even more special. If you are lucky enough to have a rainbow moment, the image is forever etched in your heart and stored in your memory.

Rainbow moments can be anything that makes you feel good and you just have to smile. And, it’s never a tiny smile, but a big, wide ear-to-ear grin. You get that mushy feel-good feeling. I had it the day I got married and saw my partner-for-life, patiently waiting for me with the biggest smile on his face. I got it the day I held our grandbabies for the first time. Rainbow moments are when I see the first signs of Spring, enthusiastically popping forth–the exuberant purple crocuses, the white snowdrops and the sunny daffodils. Rainbow moments are when the babies finally let go of the coffee-table and take those first few steps towards you–with their look of triumph that they could stand upright and move, all at the same time!  Rainbow moments can be a smell that takes you back to a cozier time of pot roast gently simmering, the scent of fresh bread baking and the fragrance of apple crumble, wafting its aroma of cinnamon/brown sugar as it cooled on the counter. Rainbow moments can be as simple as meeting an old friend for coffee and thinking how Fortune smiles at such a lasting friendship. I have so many more rainbow moments tucked away in my treasure box of cherished memories. And so many more memories to be collected.

I would like to wish all the Chocofigbee Readers as well as all the bloggers that I follow and enjoy, a truly Happy, Healthy New Year. And may you encounter many Rainbow Moments throughout 2015– Happy New Year!