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The Luck of the Scoop

When we were kids, I remember how we would scrupulously check our cookies to see if a sib had a bigger cookie or one with more raisins, nuts or chocolate chips. There would inevitably be a noisy outburst of “He/She has more raisins, nuts or chocolate chips in his/her cookie than I do.”  Mom would just sigh and say, “It’s the luck of the scoop—no one has more stuff in their cookie. And, all the cookies are the same size. It’s the scoopful of dough and you just have to live with it or forget about having a cookie.”

As we grew older and hopefully wiser, Mom’s words, the “luck of the scoop” stayed with me.  After all, that’s what Life is all about. It’s not just choosing that right fork in the road but the luck of the scoop that includes the good things and not-so-good things tucked in there. And, those scoops of Life includes any choices we make along the way—supported by our knowledge, bolstered by our experiences and pushed along by our impulses and Lady Fortune’s smiles.