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If it stops you in your tracks, then that’s the window worth a good look.”

Sometimes I like to do a slow window stopping walking route. The variety of shops and businesses along this route often have eye-catching windows. It makes it worth-while to pause and capture whatever caught my attention with my handy-dandy senior cellphone’s camera.

These distinctive little shoemakers, in the front window of the shoe repair shop, always makes me stop. They have me smiling to see these busy shoemakers working so industriously.

A few doors down is the buy-n-sell with its ever changing hodge-podge of “treasures” –or, just a fun stop to check out all the “what-nots” previous owners considered junk. Did you spot the old Singer sewing machine?

One of my favorite stops is Gardenworks as it has such great displays in their large display windows as well as inside their fascinating store. Their current eye-stopping window display shows off these beautiful orchids.

Perhaps it was a salute to the West Coast and being on an Island, but this Gardenwork’s nautical theme appealed to my senses and captured my camera’s attention.

Sharing the other half of the Avenue Butcher’s building is a talented chef/owner. He specializes in curing and preparing meats utilizing the “whole beast,” or animal in a variety of tasty methods. The name of his business is on an amazing mural on the side of his building.

Another window makes me pause as I ponder what type of service this store provides.,

Apparently, it is the Herbal Path, a store specializing in acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine.

Further along the street is an antique store with its front windows often capturing my attention. Sometimes the displays are large, ornately carved pieces of furniture; other times, the window display is quite simple.

Depending upon my mood, my walks are always an adventure. It could be a challenging walk with steep hills or a scenic walk along the water. Sometimes, it could be a walk through the residential side streets and laneways. But now and then, there is the leisurely fun stroll to simply window stop. . . . .