Halloween is not my favorite holiday,. I don’t think it ever was even as a kid. But on my recent rambling walks, it never fails to amaze and amuse me whenever I pause to admire a homeowner’s enthusiastic display of gloom and doom. I discovered that there is a definite creepy creepiness versus creepy entertainment that’s more vintage horror movie and atmosphere. My choices are entertaining. The Halloween decor can be as simple as hairy spiders and cobwebs. . . .or pumpkins and cobwebs. . . . . .

Last year, the trend was headstones, skulls and skeletal bones scattered above the ground. . . . . .

But this year, it seems two or three cackling witches stirring their cauldrons dominates many Halloween yards with an additional “guest” or two such as the creepy butler waking up his “beloved” or the ghoul and ghost meeting by the stone steps.

Enroute home, it was almost a relief to see normal scenes celebrating Autumn and not Halloween–apples ready for harvesting. . . .

Sunflowers reaching for the sky and a pumpkin, hopefully the first of a “bumper” crop of more to come. . . . .

October is rapidly coming to a close and November is standing in the wings, ready to wrap its late days of Autumn around Winter’s arrival. . . . .I give you this wonderful display of pumpkins, squashes and Fall flowers.

I wish each and everyone of you a safe Halloween and a bountiful Harvest.

4 thoughts on “HALLOWEEN and AUTUMN

  1. Yep, lots of cobwebs, hairy spiders, elaborate setups and not too many carved pumpkins. . . Always glad to “see” you Nan and that you enjoy the photos taken on my senior cellphone camera!


  2. Love the photos! Back in early October, I drove around some suburbs of Pittsburgh, PA, where I was visiting. The elaborate Halloween decorations astonished me. For example, there was not one, not two, but three striding skeletons over two stories tall in one residential area. I spoke to a resident. She said the neighborhood always went big on Halloween. It’s a newer neighborhood, a planned development, with only one road in and out (which makes me wary, out here in wildfire country), so they can create a safe environment for the little trick or treaters. Cheers

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    1. Like you, I was surprised at all the elaborate setups spotted along my walks. It seems Halloween is a big deal to a number of homeowners and quite entertaining for those of us who amble by. Glad you stopped by Michael and that you enjoyed my photos . . 🙂

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