I enjoy hitting the walking route early in the morning. This is the absolute best time to see the wildlife not normally seen later in the day. For me, this is also the coolest time of the day for a lengthy walk. The walk had barely started when I finally topped this hill and spotted Mama Deer and her Twins. She was “teaching” them the joys of nibbling someone’s garden and totally ignored me, so I hauled out my senior cellphone and snapped off a quick photo before noticing “Papa” was watching curiously behind me. Continuing on my way, a family of raccoons ambled across the road and up a long winding driveway. Mama Raccoon leading her 4 babies, while “Dad” followed at the rear–all focused on their morning buffet in another tasty garden. I totally missed that photo-op as I had never seen such a large party of raccoons before. By the time I thought of my cellphone camera, the family had disappeared from view.

It is astonishing how a densely populated urban area can produce wildlife that can somehow survive and thrive. I have seen brown and gray squirrels; numerous deer, bucks and their off-springs; raccoons, a rabbit and a peacock along my various routes.

Gates never stop the wildlife. Deer could go around or jump over them while raccoons could just mosey up the winding driveway like expected guests. Gates fascinated me because some gates screamed “Private, Go Away.”

While other gates beckoned and smiled “Welcome” with a bit of floral art wrapped around the iron work. . . .

Fences and driveways can be amazingly aloof and private but can still give positive vibes with plants, ornaments or a bit of creative thought.

I enjoy the sight of pink roses that add a splash of color poking through a worn fence . . . . or a graceful ornamental crane to brighten a corner of their garden.

I love this sight –it looked so right in the garden. . . .

Splashes of brightly coloured geraniums against this fence, interspersed with bits of tiny blue flowers, grabbed my attention each time I pass. . . .

My early morning walks are a daily adventure as I never know what will be captured by my camera. All I know for sure is that it will tease the senses and make me stop, if only for a moment. . . .

8 thoughts on “THE EARLY BIRD CATCHES THE. . . . .

  1. Thank you so much for joining me on my walk. I always enjoy seeing the unexpected or the unusual or that special something that grabs the camera’s eyes. . . . šŸ™‚


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