Honestly, I thought I was one of the few humans who actually enjoyed peanut butter and pickle sandwiches. Don’t you think it’s very ho-hum to slather peanut butter onto fresh bread and slice bananas or strawberries or drizzle honey or smear jam on top? Everyone who likes peanut butter enjoys these combinations.

But there is a goldmine of great combinations right in your cupboards or fridge. Mind you, I used the sliced sweet pickles on my peanut butter even though a few insisted the dills gave the peanut butter that extra boot to the upper levels of gourmet eating. However, I’m not convinced as I thought my version had that special kick too.

Did you know olives worked the same? I’m not sure what kind as another foodie pal insisted the fat black ones with no stones and sliced in halves were excellent. He’s reserving his opinion on the stuffed green ones on his peanut butter.

I have it on good authority that peanut butter and crispy bacon makes a superb sandwich. That grabs my taste buds and I’m eager to try that next. Another foodie pal tried it on top of his hamburger in a bun and proclaimed it elevated his lowly burger to superior heights even though no one else in his family wanted to try this.

Going online brings you all kinds of nuggets including a peanut butter and sweet onion sandwich as well as a non-traditional peanut butter and jelly with Doritos in the middle.

I wanted to know what other food combinations “normal” people eat at home, especially the house-bound ones making use of their “emergency” supplies. How about Frosted Flakes with cheese or chicken nuggets in ice-cream or mango with chili peppers?

Reading down the list, I decided my peanut butter with pickles was pretty tame compared to what other foodies tried and liked. However, when it came to chocolate, I promised myself one thing. I would never, ever insult phenomenal dark chocolate by serving cold meatballs with melted chocolate, Parmesan with chocolate or beetroot with chocolate.

Now I’ve really worked up a hankering for peanut butter and chocolate. I guess it’s time to dive into my emergency stash of dark chocolate peanut butter cups to remind myself that chocolates and peanut butter is one of the best combinations ever besides peanut butter with sweet pickles. . . . .of course.

Stay well and be safe my Friends. Enjoy whatever is tucked in your emergency cupboard.

8 thoughts on “PEANUT BUTTER AND. . . .

  1. Have you tried grilled peanut butter and jelly (prepared like grilled cheese but with peanut butter and jelly)? Or even half Nutella and peanut butter? I can’t say I have eaten any of your suggested combinations, but then I only started eating PB & J when I was guilted into it when I was a last minute chaperone for my granddaughter’s field trip to the zoo when she was in kindergarten. She and I got a box lunch and that was the main course; I didn’t really feel I could not at least try it. ~nan

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    1. I haven’t tried PBJ grilled but it sounds nifty. As for the Nutella and Peanut Butter, one of my other foodie friends told me about it too so I must try that combo. At the moment the pickles and PB is still delicious and has my Hubby worried 🙂


  2. Ah, I once ate a peanut butter and sweet relish sandwich on stale raisin bread. It was during a typhoon in the Philippines. The chow halls were closed and the barracks social room and snack machines were out of food. Everyone was scrambling for anything of nutrition. After a dozen hours of storming (and sharing food), I was down to this. Washed it down with strawberry wine, which was all that remained of my beverages, too.

    It was a delicious combo.

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    1. Wow–I’ll have to try my PB and Pickles with Raisin Bread next time–never have raisin bread long enough for it to get stale but your combo wins the big prize–a giant jar of peanut butter. That strawberry wine sounds good too, Michael. . . 🙂

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  3. A friend of mine had a bumper crop of strawberries last year. His wife made jars of jam and he made strawberry wine. Also strawberry syrup to drizzle over ice cream and pancakes. For a non-wine drinker like me, what I sampled was really tasty. Glad you got side-tracked with peanut butter. . . . and look how we ended with strawberry wine! 🙂


  4. I had a peanut butter sandwich every day in grade school – what fond memories you bring me! I still love it but now I can venture forth with new “accompaniments”!


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