Another Neighborhood Ramble

I love walking and discovering new things. My morning walk takes me to interesting places. I’m very fortunate living in an area where, no matter which direction I walk, it will be scenic with probably water, mountains or beautiful gardens.

Early in the morning is the best time as it’s lively with dogs walking their owners, wandering deer, some errant raccoons scurrying to their beds and those busy squirrels, scampering up trees and dashing across roads. The coffee bars open early and I have discovered some nifty ones tucked in a corner, known mainly by the neighbourhood locals. This also holds true for the bakeries that sells warm cinnamon buns, buttery croissants and flaky pastries wrapped around savoury fillings.

I tell Hubby I’m off on one of my “power-walks” and he knows I won’t be back for at least an hour or even longer. I usually choose a random direction and if I see an interesting road, I check it out.Mystery Path

I know my streets, but where I live, the streets do not move in a straight and orderly line. One street may start out as one thing. When it’s interrupted by hills and lanes, it usually emerges as something else.  I think I have devised my own version of a map of my area. Sometimes my mental map of the area doesn’t exactly match the actual map. I may be      slightly off my planned route, but I’m not lost.  A person can miss a treasure trove of fun things when passing in a car, but as a walker there are numerous things along the route that grabs your attention.

First of all, there is a number of “free lending libraries–many are miniature houses        painted in eye-catching colours and a few are entertainingly creative.

Snoopy Books - Copy      Library Retaken Closer

My faves are the Snoopy, draped on the roof of his “house” and the original  piano house.  Next, there are the garden ornaments that makes that particular home unique.      I like garden knick-knacks with a personality and some of the ones I’ve discovered             definitely fits that criteria. I’ve seen the mysterious East reflected in Buddha’s stone face,  the “sleeping Goddess” nestled in the ornamental grass and the “dancing lovers.”

Cropped Figure Head                           Cropped Lovers                     Sleeping Beauty Ornament

Down the street and around the corner is an attractive birdhouse as well as my favourite “fairy house.”

Cropped Birdhouse               Fairy Door

A detour down a beckoning lane takes me to an unexpected “Keep Out Deer” sign,          no doubt posted by a frustrated gardener. . .

Warning to Deer - Copy

Time to head homewards by a different route—wonder what other fun things I’ll see along the way?


4 thoughts on “Another Neighborhood Ramble

    1. Thanks Brock! I’m very fortunate to be in the area I am as it gives me lots of great rambles including deer who are definitely not afraid of humans and have an attitude!


  1. I do the same, heading out on solitary power walks, and my spouse knows I’ll be gone a while. Like you, I enjoy the sights missed while driving, and I like noticing the seasonal changes. Nothing like a good neighborhood ramble. Cheers

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    1. I agree, Michael—It’s amazing what a person sees while on the power walks. It’s especially helpful stimulating those brain cells for a clever solution to the murder and mayhem story percolating in the mind. . . .Thanks again for stopping by.

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