I enjoy my walks in the early mornings because it is so quiet in those early hours with so much to see.

This Summer, with its exceptional hot weather,  has given me morning walks throughout my neighbourhood and beyond. Walking seems to slow a person down so that little things are suddenly visible; delightful surprises that  pass unnoticed when you’re driving past.  Walking takes a person down roads that promises new adventures if you’re willing to travel a new path.


On the route I chose this morning, I recorded a few of the eye-catching things that captured my attention.

One was the unexpected “Fairy Door” built into the base of an enormous oak tree that stood on the corner of a family-oriented neighbourhood. It was a nice strong door, painted red with a sturdy handle and a tiny lock.

Fairy Door

Another surprise were the unexpected “Free Lending Libraries”–cute mini-houses built to hold books for trading. For a book-lover, these were an entertaining treasure.


I passed some beautiful creamy Day lilies, raising their faces to the morning sun.


Then I rounded the bend of the road and saw one of my favourite spots, the scenic and fragrant “Scented Gardens.”


There is a welcoming braille and printed sign that explains the Gardens are meant for a “sit and enjoy” using your 5 senses. It is created for those who have low-vision, no vision or  full-vision. It is a place to enjoy the tranquillity, scents, colours and touch of the flowers.

I decided to follow the road leading to the Marina. I knew if I followed the curve of the sea, I would find the wonderful sculpture created by Fred Dobbs called  “Ocean in Motion.” Mr. Dobbs is an internationally known sculpture who works in different medias and creates very likeable pieces.


The playful otters gracefully moved among the vegetation of the sea. In a close-up of one of the otters, Fred Dobbs captured his inquisitive nature.

Did I mention that Victoria is a city of gardens? Well, it’s true, but along with spectacular gardens, there are also a number of eye-catching garden ornaments. This one  is awesome and among my favourites as I head  home. 


I do love my early morning walks. Not a chocolate, doughnut or coffee in sight—just Mother Nature and wonderful people who share their imagination  and creative spirits with those of us who pass by.

12 thoughts on “IN THE EARLY MORNING. . . .

  1. Dear Jane: Let me know when you’re coming. I’d love to share my morning walks with you. This was just one of many choices 🙂 There is also a wonderful Italian Bakery on my route, but I chose an unfamiliar side street and bypass the treats entirely. . . .


  2. Dear Judee, What an inspiring post despite no donuts or coffee in sight! Keep writing such wonderful pieces – I always look forward to seeing “chocofigbee” pop up on my screen! xo Diane


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  3. Thanks for the lovely walk, Judee. I would love to walk through the scented garden! I’ve seen and have heard more about the neighborhood lending libraries. I recently visited one and did an exchange. 🙂

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    1. Until I started my long walks all over Oak Bay, I hadn’t noticed all the things one misses driving past in a car. But there were several lending libraries and they look like a fabulous way of sharing books. Glad you enjoyed one of the walks through my area, Rebb—-I haven’t exchanged any books yet, but am keeping an eye out for any ones that catches my fancy 🙂 AND the Scented Gardens is definitely worth a visit!


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