The Talent Club

I admire and appreciate talent.  I have been fortunate meeting and chatting with writers who can mesmerize with their words and totally hook you into their stories. I enjoy musicians who are creative in weaving their notes on a whole new level–one that the composers never thought of doing. I appreciate artists who can dip their brushes into paint and show you an imaginary scene or object that looks so totally real.

Oak Bay Village is mere steps away from my home. For the past 3 years, the Municipality supported the arts and displayed visible, tactile art along the Avenue. There have been several that has caught the eye and piqued the curiosity. This year is no exception.

One whimsical piece is called “Busking in Town Square.” Created by a Canadian artist, Douglas Walker, it utilizes recycled musical instruments such as trombone, trumpet and sax plus teapots, urns and kettles, juggled by amusing and eccentric characters. I have to smile each time I pass by. The photo shows only a portion of the sculpture depicting Douglas’s fun with his collection of recycled objects, collected from thrift shops and scrap yards.                                         IMG0266A

Another beautifully sculpted piece is called “M’akhotso” meaning “Mother of Peace.”   I like it because the artist, Linda Lindsey has captured the serenity, dignity and beauty of a native woman, wearing a sarong. With her hands clasped beneath her chin, the woman balances the World on her head. Linda’s 40 years passion for sculpting is reflected in M’akhotso and her commissioned pieces found in collections across Canada and the USA. This international artist also finds time to teach and share her knowledge with students in Italy and Canada.                   .IMG0246A

Writers have always attracted my attention. Writers who can capture a child’s imagination are special. Little kids are particularly difficult to “hook” their minds long enough to grab their imagination. It’s like the famous “elevator chat” when a writer is trying to hook an editor or publisher before he gets off–that’s a maximum of 2 minutes. For a small child, it needs to be within 30 seconds to a minute. This book, “Why Dragons cannot Go Shopping,” written in playful, humorous rhyme by Jacqueline Rioux and illustrated with amusing, colorful pictures created by my cousin, Sandra Mar, is a book that should be on the home book-shelves  for young children. It is available on Amazon and can be ordered through your favorite bookstore. Best of all, this entertaining book can be read and re-read aloud without ever feeling jaded and weary, especially after reading it for the 999th time!


Nicola Furlong is a fantastic writer as well as a patient teacher for her craft. She has encouraged numerous new writers to persevere in her writing classes. Nicola has also taught classes in the mysteries of self-publishing. Relaxing with hockey in the winter and creating her colorful garden with its palettes of on-going, seasonal blooms the rest of the year, it seemed natural for this chocoholic writer and gardener to evolve into another field–that of artist. Below are her newest pieces—the intricate workings of her Steam Punk Art and her colorful Steam Engine. Check out Nicola’s website for more art and also find her art on Redbubble,

Nicola's Steam Punk Art

Nicola's Steam Engine image1[6647]



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