A Sea of Tees

There they were–a sea of tees heaped together in a rainbow of colours. The close crew necks, no low dips or scoops or off-the-shoulder; great colour choices; roomy tees without being snug; sleeves that dropped off the shoulders and were a tad longer than normally seen. And, best of all, not a cropped-top or a shortened length, ending at the waist, but draped gracefully down to the hips and beyond. BUT, these perfect t-shirts were for men!

I had searched high and low in ladies’ wear for a tee that I could wear for my body type; my short, slightly rounded with a yen-for-comfort body.  I didn’t want fancy doo-dads or sparkles or exotic graphics on my chest. I simply wanted a plain tee-shirt in a choice of colours. Who would have thought that menswear would carry such a selection with a rainbow of colours? What exactly made it so perfect for a male and not a female? I held one up–perfect. I could get away with wearing a small and it would still be roomy. What a bonus! It felt like a nice weight for 100% cotton. It was definitely not one of those sleazy tees that was practically transparent and actually became so if you were caught in a brief rain shower. These were superior tees that filled a very strict criteria, my strict criteria. Carefully, I checked again. Nope, nothing that determined it was a guy’s tee-shirt and not a lady’s.

Oops, “Muscle-Bound” wasn’t exactly a lady’s brand, but heck, labels could be easily removed.

“They’re lovely, aren’t they?” a motherly type beamed at me.

“They’re perfect!” I replied enthusiastically.

“Are they for your boys too?” she smiled at me.

“Definitely for my boys and the grandsons too,” I smiled back.

“I do love the colours and the length. I’ve been looking for tees that don’t have those awful scooped necks or tacky off-the-shoulder look.”

“Me too!” I declared in solidarity. “Why do men have such great colours? I don’t think I’ve seen too many males wearing peach, mauve or pink!”

“I’m sure the manufacturer knows we are wearing them too!” laughs my new shopping buddy.

“I’m searching for smalls in peach, aqua, mauve and pink,” I told her.

“Well, if you see any mediums in those colours, toss them my way and I’ll do the same for you with the smalls.”

Okay, so half a dozen tees were a tidge excessive, but where else would you find such a bargain at 3/$10—tee-shirts with all the features you ever wanted in a perfect tee, heaped on a table, just begging to be taken home and worn as a night-shirt, under a winter sweater or simply as a plain ol’ tee. . . . .






2 thoughts on “A Sea of Tees

  1. This makes me smile. I hit the buffers with trying to find 100% lambswool ladies’ jumpers that didn’t cost the earth. Everything in women’s clothing, these days, seems to be made of synthetic fabrics (they guilt-trip us over using plastic yet make these non-biodegradable, itchy fabrics!) I was down to a couple of jumpers. So, like you, I ventured to the mens’ department and came away with two Size Small, 100% lambswool jumpers. One V-neck in a forest green and one, crew neck, in an unusual, turquoise-blue. At the till, the sales assistant said, “Oh, we have so many women buying these…”

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    1. Katia—I’m so happy you found your perfect sweater in the same place I found my perfect tees! It’s so unfair that really nice 100% lambswool pullovers and 100% soft cotton tees aren’t found more in ladies wear–not to mention much better pricing!
      Thank you for stopping by, Katia. It’s always nice to hear from you 🙂


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