A Short Tale

The latest newsworthy bit on cute little Prince George of England was, how he favoured a pair of navy shorts with pockets during his family’s trip to Poland and Germany. Georgie wore his favourite shorts four of the seven touring days. Don’t you just love this trivia?  But I’m completely in full support of the tiny tot’s wardrobe choice. After all, even adults have their favourites and we’re not likely to leave it in the suitcase either.

I, too, have a favourite pair of shorts and yet to find a suitable replacement.  My shorts began summers as a hot, vivid pink, but numerous washes over the years, faded it to a less vibrant rosy pink. I love the way it drapes with its loose, casual style. It has a wide comfy, elasticized waistband and very deep pockets that holds my cell-phone, tiny flashlite, small change purse, energy bar and bag of trail-mix—and oh yes, my keys.  Watching me coming, a person cannot detect any bulges or bulk in any of my short’s deep side pockets. When I embark on my power walks, I also wear my outdoor, trekking vest with  a dozen pockets–one cavernous one holds my bottled water.

The reason I’m mentioning shorts at all is that I quite understand Georgie’s preference wearing that particular pair of navy shorts. I’m sure it’s the pockets as his little fist–at least the left one–is always tucked securely into his left pocket.

I’m the same way.  I have to have pockets and they have to be deep enough to carry all the stuff I need to have on me. And, that’s the big problem I’m having right now. Ladies shorts are trim and form-fitting with no pockets.  If the designer stooped to add a pocket, it would be more decorative rather than functional.  I want my new shorts to be the same material  as my old ones–wash, dry and wear immediately with no wrinkles or crinkles. Any shade of blue, purple or rose-pink would be nice. I don’t want proper walking shorts that end below the knees–my shorts end slightly above and loose-fitting.  I’m not asking for much–just a decent, comfy pair of shorts with deep pockets.  With all the summer sales going on, I have yet to find my perfect you-know-what. Until I get another pair like the one I’m wearing now, I’m not giving up—I’ll keep on searching.

And like the Royal tot, I’m going to keep wearing my fave too. . . . .


8 thoughts on “A Short Tale

  1. I love wearing shorts , the cargo style, with lots of pockets. Ladies aren’t the only ones toting around loads of absolutely necessary ‘junk’. One of the reasons summer and fall are favorite seasons.

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  2. I’ve had favorites that hung on until the last thread of elastic sighed and surrendered. Funny, but we were just talking about this the other day. A friend has shorts he’s worn for over twenty years (there’s photographic evidence). Now, he was much larger when he bought them, so they’re baggy on him. More, though, the material is just shredded.

    He was wearing them to work on the gazebo. His mother was appalled. She took photos with her friends. Showing all of us her photos of the offending shorts, she would ask, “Don’t you think he should get rid of them?”

    None of us agreed. We’ve all had a favorite clothing article. Letting go is hard, and we don’t usually give up until the garment gives out.

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  3. I love LL Bean, but it seems Canada isn’t on their marketing/consumers list anymore. Now I’ll have to wait until I’m able to do my cross-border shopping. . . 🙂 Thank you for reminding me about LL Bean!

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