Dark Chocolate Heaven

I love chocolate.  If it’s Belgian chocolate, 70-72% dark, that’s really great. But if it happens to cover small pieces of dried mangoes or tart cherries with roasted almonds, that’s the absolute best!  Costco is my favourite place for sourcing out any Belgian dark chocolate fruit or biscuit. Their supply seems to change all the time.

The big jars of 70%  Belgian  Dark Chocolate Clusters of Tart Cherries with Roasted Almonds, were available for at least three trips to Costco, before these jars disappeared forever. It was replaced with 70% Belgian Dark Chocolate Dipped Slices of Dried Mangoes and believe me, there was nothing “dried” about the mangoes. The entire chocolate treat was tasty and the fruit was moist enough not to taste like dried shoe leather. But then again, how can anything dipped in dark Belgian chocolate taste awful?

The mangoes simply disappeared one day to be replaced with 70% Belgian Dark Chocolate Almond Bark with almond slices sprinkled generously throughout the thin chocolate slabs. These almond treats were packed as thin pieces inside a sturdy paper bag. Needless to say, these replacement treats were too deadly to ignore. This involved several trips on the highway to replenish the dark Belgian chocolate supply of almond bark, but on that last trip, there was also a 70% Belgian  Dark Chocolate Pumpkin Seed Bark as well. It too was deliciously decadent.

I was at Costco yesterday and the almond bark, as well as the pumpkin seed bark, has disappeared to wherever the cherry almond clusters and the mango slices in dark chocolate retire to. In a prominent place on the aisle, there were bags and bags of—yep, you guessed it–70% Belgian Dark Chocolate Dipped Figs. Figs? Yes, figs. And let me tell you, I’m not especially fond of figs, but in my case, I think you can chocolate dip a lima bean and it would be great—as long as it’s dipped in Belgian 70% Dark Chocolate.  Um-mm, anyone heading to Costco. . . ?

7 thoughts on “Dark Chocolate Heaven

    1. Okay–it’s that dangerous hour of night here when the brain craves chocolate–dark chocolate and you had to mention orange slices, judyt54! Hate to say this but those darn figs are tasting pretty good right now. . left-over .mini-donuts aren’t bad either, dipped in melted chocolate. . .Thanks for looking in, judyt54. . . 😉

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  1. Thank goodness I just came from Costco before I read this! I can not afford (my thighs and stomach, at least) to discover any chocolate covered figs, or anything chocolate covered. If they sold a chocolate covered kitchen table I might considered chewing the legs!

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    1. Hey, my fave author Eva N! I just came from Costco too–bought a huge sack of those 72% dark chocolate Lindt teeny-weeny bars that arte soo-oo good and are non-fattening, lowers blood pressure and gives you that “feel-good” feeling until the next “fix.” Good to hear from you and don’t eat a table leg, eat chocolate! 😉


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