Grab on, Hold on Tight

I’ve always felt that Life has much to offer in our lifetime–but you have to grab onto its coat-tails and hold on tight for a journey unique to each of us.

Some people are sloths and content to amble along, happy with what they have– with no ambitions to do better. Others are born with a gleam in their eyes, adventure in their hearts and awesome energy that takes them to places beyond our imaginations. These people are visionaries who were born knowing there was something else out there, beckoning them onwards.

Most of us are somewhere in the middle–we know what we want; work hard to reach our goals with a sigh of content and keep a bucket-list of what we dream of doing, one day in the near future. After all, hope and dreams are what spurs us onwards.

But the one undeniable fact is that we have to grab Life and ride its wild, boisterous, joyful, turbulent and noisy moments to arrive where we want to be and seize what we want. There will be thoughtful, contemplative moments–yes, even sad ones–that allows us to slow down and check that we are on the right path. After all, Life can become complicated, difficult and slippery–causing us to doubt if we are truly doing the right thing.

There is no manual to check or map to follow when we grab onto Life’s coat-tails. Each of us forges our own unique tracks. We have to recognize those opportunities occasionally falling in our path, knowing what to do and where to go with them. Most of all, you have to know when to let go of those coat-tails and make it on your own. We know we can reach our other goals because we have gained the confidence, the experience and the skills of a lifetime.

What an extraordinary feeling–to sit back and know we are in the right place at the right time, finally enjoying our bucket-list of dreams. What are you waiting for? Grab on and hold on tight. . .

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