Bathing Suit Torture Part II: Call the Paramedics

This is too funny not to share AND I am never going to go looking for a bathing suit–ever! Not only has times and fashions changed but our darn bodies as well–phooey! Good luck in your mission, Eva. . .

Eva Lesko Natiello

photo by The Pie Shops Collection photo by The Pie Shops Collection

My objective was to make my bathing suit shopping experience as painless as possible. The environment would be key. I needed a store that was calm with wide open aisles, soft music, helpful salespeople. Crawling under a disheveled clothing rack, searching for the elusive bottom to the perfect top, or wrenching it from the clutches of a woman who believed it was hers, would not work. Been there, done that.

So at 9:05am Monday morning I coaxed myself through the doors of Lord & Taylor.

There wasn’t a soul in the swimwear department. I glided around the circular racks like an adolescent guppy until I was sure I had seen all the offerings. It was so civilized. This kind of bathing suit shopping was a joy. I could do this! I let out a heavy sigh–breath I didn’t realize I was holding. I…

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