About Me


My name is  Judee Fong and I am the creator of “Chocofigbee.”  I am a Canadian freelance writer who loves to read well-written mysteries/thrillers/crimes/adventures/cosies and anything else that grabs me by the eyeballs and never lets go until the final page and last satisfying words.  I aim for the same effect in stories that I write.  I  am a member of the Canadian Crimewriters of Canada. Chocofigbee is the blog I do as “Sammee44”,  for vignettes and micro-glimpses of day-to-day Life in my small part of the world. To help me “solve” the mysteries that I write, I keep a supply of Belgian dark chocolates close by.   I have been known to post book reviews on http://amazon.com as well as comments/reviews on http://goodreads.com




5 thoughts on “About Me

    1. Hi Eva,
      Thanks for the “heads-up” on the above link–my email does work but I think it’s my Internet Explorer–Microsoft wants everyone to switch to “Edge” but Hubby won’t be able to access the Internet because his read/speech program JAWS doesn’t work well with Edge at this time. Take care and stay safe—crazy computers and crazy times!


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