Life is often a kaleidoscope of events, images, thoughts, duties, happy moments, gentle touches and even not-so gentle touches, scary moments and unforgettable moments. At the end of the day, these bits and pieces somehow come together like a continuous giant puzzle. This puzzle has no ending in sight—merely additional pieces that fit somewhere in the giant picture. I see my walks in the same light.

As I move down neighboring streets and beckoning lanes, I know there may be something phenomenal around the next curve.

Perhaps, an impressive entrance

or intriguing piece of garden ornament

It always lifts the spirits when a plain gate offers Oriental lanterns. . .

Or the stone birdhouse perched on its own wall

A ritzy Elf’s home complete with teeny barbecue, mailbox and teeny lawn chair

Or a miniature windmill on a quiet neighbouring street.

Strolling through the Village, the Oak Bay Artists have each contributed their version of the Covid Hearts to liven up the planters and boulevards. Here are two examples:

The unexpected treasure of a bi-plane made from strips of coco-cola cans–suspended from a tree. . . .

An artistic “Welcome” and “Farewell” at the foot of a homeowner’s entrance to his home.

BUT sometimes there is absolutely nothing but an enjoyable walk. . . .

just enjoying the peace and quiet from a hectic pace.

8 thoughts on “KALEIDOSCOPE

    1. Thanks Brock–it really is a fascinating area as I do my long walks. It’s a lot of fun especially when I saw the coco-cola biplane and the tiny Elves’ homes 🙂
      Always a treat to hear from you–stay safe and well. . . .


  1. I’m so glad you enjoyed one of he many walks I love through my vast neighbourhood, Rebb. Even when I repeat the same route a few days later, there is always something different to catch my eye. Thank you for coming along and enjoying my “visual treats” 🙂


  2. Thank you for this imaginary walk. Some of these gems I recognize from my walks and others are new and intriguing. I look forward to renewing my walks soon. Maybe we will cross paths.
    This is a lovely way to share your thoughts and sightings.
    Adele Curtis

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Adele for looking into “Chocofigbee.” You will definitely be amazed at all the small “‘distractions” that leaps out when you’re not expecting them! 🙂


    1. Thank you so much Pamela–the walks have rather slowed for a bit but am bundling up in hat and scarf to tackle another direction! Keep well and be safe, my Roughwighting Friend 🙂


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