There is something special doing an early morning walk. First of all, there are fewer walkers out and about unless they were accompanied by a four-legged companion.  For an hour of peace and quiet, I have a sidewalk or path that is all mine—none of this stepping off the curb and staying 6 feet apart. It’s also much cooler at this time of the day.

And if I time my route well, there is a coffee bar that sells “Yonnie’s” doughnuts—a locally owned business that makes the absolute best doughnuts ever. . .

For some reason, it’s signs that catches my eye. A narrow neighbourhood street has this sign at either end of its short length. It certainly made the few cars slow to a crawl.

Telephone poles become works of art and can send a message as seen on another street.

Telephone poles are works of art and conveys a cheeriness to a curbside boulevard.

I had to grab a shot of this garden art—a newborn infant lovingly nestled in a pair of loving hands. The details of the hands was partially lost in the foliage.

I really don’t think this sign works on deer. . .any deer!  But “good luck” to this gardener!                   

There is another street on one of my walking routes that has a talented wood-carver who has been making animal cut-outs to install above the residential street signs. It gives the street an individual appeal.  .  .  .  .

In this time of self-isolation and self-distancing—another sign of the times is a  magical driveway lined with numerous hand-painted rocks of all sizes and shapes. It makes such a warm and inviting entry. 

This is only part of it—someone mentioned that anyone passing by is welcome to a rock but I thought it was too beautiful to disturb.

Walking opens the eyes and mind to unexpected artistry, scenic wonders and touching sculptures. Most would have been missed driving in a car, but walking slows you down to appreciate what is all around us.

Enjoy your walk—but take care and stay safe, my Friends.


  1. What a wonderful walk you have developed – we should all find such a wonderful, fun, exciting path to journey! Those who don’t walk are missing out on so much beauty and inspiration!


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    1. Thank you so much Diane—I’m enjoying this “cooler” part of the day and the different walking routes are yielding “treasures!” Hugs (6 feet apart 🙂 “Me”


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