There is Something About the Holiday Season

There is something about the Holiday Season, aka Christmas, that I both love and hate. I’ve noticed this as each Christmas comes and goes. I know some of you are thinking, “How can you not love this time of year?” Easy, I say.

The very first thing I dislike is hearing Christmas songs in October. How can anyone possibly think Christmas trees and jingle-bells when Canadians haven’t even celebrated Thanksgiving yet and Halloween hasn’t ghosted by. Early displays of fake Christmas trees mingled with Halloween costumes doesn’t do anything for me except destroy whatever holiday spirit is struggling to survive.

Christmas should be in July because December travelers have to struggle through snow storms, blizzards, cancelled airlines flights, cancelled ferries and buses. Recent powerful West Coast gale-force winds caused extensive power outages that resulted in more winter chaos and holiday headaches for determined travelers. Travelers want to be with their families at this time of year and they go through a heck of a lot to be there.

I love the pastries, desserts and fantastic home-baking that comes out of Christmas. What’s not to like when you’re faced with butter shortbreads, minced tarts, gingerbread, sugar cookies, triple chocolate snickerdoodles, panettone, biscotti, tortierre and so much more. Oh wait–this also includes dark chocolate dipped marshmallow Santas and snowmen. When these are allowed to “age” for a month or two, the marshmallow becomes chewy and that’s the best time to enjoy them.

I hate the postal lineups because people like me, somehow wait ’til the last minute before firing off those overseas or international cards and parcels. This year I had the best excuse of all for being late–Canada was suffering through intermittent “roving” postal strikes.  This meant that even if your parcel or card was processed in your city, it may have been stalled in another city that was the designated “strike of the day.”

Regular shopping goes out the window at this time of year. That’s when the shopping ogres and grinches snarl their demands, apply their pushy ways and display attitude—lots of attitude. Leisurely browsing and shopping are put on hold ’til later, much later.

Now that Christmas is a mere 2 days away, the frenzy has dropped to a simmer because if the  important thing isn’t done by now, then it will likely never be done ’til afterwards and by then, it won’t matter anymore.  Most people are much nicer and the smiles are more sincere; after all, in 48 hours all this will be over until next year. I have this vision of a very weary and battered 2018 passing over the reins to an energetic, bouncy, fully-charged 2019, who’s eager to leap into whatever is awaiting us. That’s the moment in time I love—everything is new and ready for our footprints.

Thank you to all my friends and readers who have been following Chocofigbee—especially those leaving your comments when something I’ve posted connected with you. I always enjoy hearing from you.

May the love and joy of Christmas stay with you throughout the coming year. And, may 2019 be the year you reach for your dream and hold it in your hands. Merry Christmas. Everyone and a very Happy New Year. . . .

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