Happiness is the smell of roasted coffee beans, freshly ground—and sharing the pure pleasure of that first pot.

Happiness is that spontaneous hug from your spouse, a good friend, the grandkids and tiny toddlers.

Happiness is the fragrance of your favourite flower, carried on a Summer breeze—mine are roses.

Happiness is baking cookies, any kind and sharing them.

Happiness is family, friends and good health.

Happiness is finding that perfect dress, sweater, blouse, shoes, or. . .without any searching.

Happiness is the warmth from a crackling fire, wrapped in the arms of your “special” someone.

Happiness is watching your furry, 4-legged buddy, running joyfully along a quiet stretch of beach, enjoying his “no-leash” freedom.

Happiness is cooking a recipe for the first time, making a few alterations and substitutions, yet still reaping heaps of compliments.

Happiness is sharing that cup of perfect coffee and stuffing  on freshly baked, warmed-from-the-oven banana chocolate chip muffins.  Did I mention that the chocolate chips are still warm and melting?

Happiness is enjoying a long, leisurely walk, in the crisp morning air with the promise of Spring, just around the corner.

Happiness is merging flawlessly onto a 6-lane highway, perfectly capturing the rhythm and flow of the traffic.

Happiness is meeting an old friend and picking up the threads of friendship as if the woven pattern had never been interrupted.

Happiness is a laughing baby, a cuddly teddy bear, a lovable puppy, dark chocolate cherries, warm mini-doughnuts dipped in cinnamon-sugar. . . . . . . . .and much, much more.


4 thoughts on “HAPPINESS

  1. Dear Judee, So many of these resonate with me, specially those which refer to caring for others, especially good friends and those who re-appear in our live after an absence! Thank you for sharing – the chocofigbees warm my heart! xo Diane

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