Doughnuts are Mankind’s perfect non-food. Non-food because dieticians call it empty calories. As you can probably tell, next to chocolate, the dark kind, I love doughnuts.

Americans have their Krispy Kremes, but Canadians have Tim Horton’s or “Timmy’s” as the locals call it. It’s the Canadian go-to store for doughnuts of all types. Timmy’s does make nourishing soups, healthy muffins, sandwiches and blender drinks, but I go for the doughnuts. There are the traditional round doughnuts with the hole in the middle that has about a thousand and one different kinds of toppings such as sprinkles, coconut, mini-smarties, a simple glaze and always, one with chocolate.

My favourite is a cruller, lightly drizzled with a glaze on a fluffy, airy doughnut blob that simply melts in your mouth. There is also the traditional Bismarck, the plump doughnut without the hole and filled with raspberry jelly–sometimes a lemon filling or blueberry or cherry jam. Most people know this as a jelly doughnut. There is also an apple fritter which is a little more solid with chopped apples and cinnamon studded throughout. And, then there’s  the deliciously decadent Long John’s, sometimes filled with a light custard filling or not–with a topcoat of dark chocolate along its length. Lately, I’ve been doing research on Long John’s at any place that makes fresh doughnuts on the premises. I discovered my closest supermarket, a Save-On, that is a mere 3-blocks walk from where I live–makes Long John’s early in the morning and if I time my morning walk right,  I can purchase warm, custard-free Long John’s with its topcoat of melted dark chocolate. I always buy 2 so I can share with my Hubby. Of course, he knows that I know that he doesn’t eat doughnuts, so I get to enjoy both. His loss, my gain, in more ways than one!  Safeway, another supermarket that use to be on the Save-On site, also had a big bakery and made doughnuts too. At that time, the Safeway baker also made “Orange Twisties,” a decadent piece of twisted doughnut drizzled with tiny bits of grated orange peel in a light orange-flavoured glaze–sweet, satisfying and so not-good for you! Safeway disappeared and so did their Orange Twisties.

At the annual Classic Car Show, the Rotary Club sells mini-doughnuts. I love these too as they roll off the conveyer belt and scooped into paper bags–still warm and lightly dusted with cinnamon sugar. Timmy’s has the larger version of Cinnamon-Sugar Old-Fashions” and if you’re really worried about the sugar, you can also get them plain.

Thinking about doughnuts does have its pitfalls. It’s late at night and your mouth and tummy is more than ready for a doughnut  and all you have are healthy wheat-thin crackers. . . . Bummer!

9 thoughts on “DOUGHNUTS

  1. I’m going to be a spoilsport here. I don’t like doughnuts. I especially dislike Krispy Kremes, The only doughnuts I like are the ones I used to have in Italy, as a child, which were practically empty inside.

    Reading this, at 8.25 a.m. has triggered in me a hunger for a salty breakfast, so I’m now going to have toast with butter and extra-mature cheddar! :–))


    1. It seems each culture has its own version of a doughnut. I must find out from my Italian girlfriend if her Nona makes these. My Chinese grandma made these yummy deep-fried dough stuffed with a sweeten red bean filling and rolled in sesame seeds. It was so good still warm from the fryer. . .Always nice to hear from you Katia. Your cheese toast breakfast sounds good too! 😉


  2. I used to be hooked on Timmy’s crullers, but I have weened myself off and can’t even look at them. Someone used to bring a two-dozen box to work for every occasion and I suppose I over-indulged. Then there was the disappearing waistline.
    Glad you can still enjoy them. Have one on me. ❤ ❤ ❤

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  3. I have three favorites: a cake doughnut with fudge icing made at a local place called “the donut shop.” I’ve always had a weakness for a Krispy Kreme raspberry filled, and third is another local spot in the North Georgia Mountains. It’s an Apple Orchard and they make the best apple cider doughnuts I’ve ever had. Luckily they ship, but biting into a warm one in their bakery is to die for.

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    1. It’s 10:20 pm here and I’m reading your delicious comment. For some strange reason I have this mad craving for a warm Apple Cider doughnut—well, okay, maybe a cake doughnut with fudge icing too. . .darn it, all the stores are closed and this is a “doughnut emergency!” 😦


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