Spring Has Sprung

It seems that 90% of Canada is suffering through the worst Winter ever with blankets of snow and ice and blizzard conditions, while here in the “Banana Belt” of Canada, we have had an early Spring since late January.

My hometown of Victoria, British Columbia, situated at the southern tip of Vancouver Island, is enjoying a notably mild and warm Winter. Our only complaint in January were the days of cold and damp, often accompanied by that pesky rain–either spitting, drizzling or a horrendously heavy downpour—alternating withΒ a day or two of sunshine. By early February, the downpours became light drizzles and the first of the early bulbs were poking their green shoots above ground. By mid-February, the mini-daffodils, the snowdrops, the crocuses: buttery yellow, creamy whites and gorgeous purples were taking over boulevards and front yards. By late February and the first week of March, the plum trees, the ornamental cherry trees and the magnificent bulbous heads of the pink and cream magnolias were colouring the boulevards and gardens. Now we are at mid-March and already a blizzard of pink and white blossoms have drifted onto lawns and sidewalks.

My friend, Jane Wilson’s recent blog titled “The Bulbs Know” found at:

https://janephillipsonwilson.wordpress.com/2015/03/07the-bulbs-know/Β  describes her wistful hopes for an early Spring and I fervently wish her an early one too. Other bloggers have noticed the new growth of blossoms and blooms in their neck-of-the-woods, so we know that Life does march on and the seasons will pass from a cold, gray Winter to a sparkling Spring.

I love Spring and its promise of new life, new beginnings and new challenges —after all, it is Spring that brings fresh starts and new hope everywhere.

21 thoughts on “Spring Has Sprung

  1. Judee,

    You painted such an exquisite picture, I FELT a warm breeze as I read this and became increasingly breathless as I read. When I reached the link to my most recent lament, my eyes filled.

    We’ve had two consecutive sunny days with mild temperatures and people have begun to SMILE. I can’t wait to open the windows!

    Thanks for this lovely, lovely post.



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    1. Eva–you must do your book tours in sunny climes. The rationale of that is by the time you return home, the blossoms and blooms are in their full glory! Right now, we’re all experiencing allergies so maybe an early Spring isn’t such a great idea! 😦


  2. Enjoyed your colorful descriptions, Judee. It doesn’t even feel like we’ve had a proper Winter here. Not much rain overall, and it has also felt like Spring for quite some time. The days have been really nice here and I see that it may reach the 80s tomorrow.


    1. I’m in California, Judee. In the East Bay, about 30 minutes away from San Francisco. Yes, there are many flowering trees and beautiful blooms. I saw some happy daffodils that pop up every year in the same spot that I take a left turn on the way to the post office, and one of the only magnolia trees I see in town just bloomed a week or two ago.
      : )


    1. Isn’t it wonderful, Annette? As I was sneezing my way home, I couldn’t help admiring the deep pink double magnolias lining the boulevard–the white ones have already shed their petals. How can anything so beautiful have such a short life span. . .


  3. Spring is pretty, yes. But I am going to be the party pooper here and stand up in defence of winter. I love winter. For me, it’s a period of trusting, of introspection, of exploring the world within. I also love its cosiness, the crispness in the air, the glistening stars in the cold sky. Spring is an attractive young girl in bright colours. Winter is a handsome woman with wisdom making her face beautiful (OK, OK, I’ll stop now ;–))

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    1. Katia, I love your description of Winter! That’s what makes the world so interesting–we all have our favourite seasons. . .Many thanks for stopping by and adding your comments πŸ™‚


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