Nuts and People

I finally opened our house-guest’s gift tin of roasted nuts—the “gourmet” tin with no peanuts, but plenty of almonds, cashews, pecans, Brazils and pistachios. Lightly salted, nicely roasted and totally yummy. Settling into my comfy chair, I breathed in the aroma of  roasted nuts. Selecting one, I nibbled and thought about how nuts are like some  people. Now, I didn’t say “people are nuts” which has a totally different connotation, although I do know a few who are off the charts in humour and temperament. But I digress.

As I munched my way through the tin, I contemplate the almond—-sleek, elegant, refined. With its distinguished bronzy-tan skin, it stands out in the crowd.  Cashews have a looser personality. It’s the “fun” nut, if there’s such a thing.  |Cashews are more liberated and not as restricted as the almond.  Pecans have a duel personality. You can eat them whole or break them in half. As smaller pieces, you get more pecans for that fabulous crumb topping.  Brazils are the “hunky” nuts.  They’re the gym-buddy that enjoys his work-outs and eggs you on; the big guys who break a path through the crowd for you, the body-guard.  Then there’s the pistachio, petite and green. In its own dainty, green way, it makes a statement in the nut tin.   It yells, “Eat me first!”

Whoa–I think I better get back to the serious business of writing.  Blame this on the crazy holiday season of December.   Nibbling these nuts makes you kind of well, nutty. . . .

9 thoughts on “Nuts and People

  1. I love this! What a witty blog!!! You have me chuckling about nuts and people. People are nuts indeed and I think nuts are like people! Lots to choose from, all unique on their own. Some harder to bite than others but a nut is a NUT! 🙂


  2. I love my cashews so they get eaten first and a close second are the pistachios. Natch, all the others are eaten last—-and nuts are especially delish when reading a great book like “Memory Box!” Thanks for dropping by, Eva! 🙂 J


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