Coffee, Anyone?

I love my cup of coffee, especially first thing in the morning. But then, who doesn’t?  I think I would rank coffee right up there with dark chocolate, but to be honest, if I had to choose between my Hubby and that cup of coffee, without any hesitation I would choose my Hubby as he makes the best coffee in our house. I can always get dark chocolate later.

I like meeting friends or family over a cup of caffeine–they may choose tea or something stronger, but I prefer my caffeine-fix. I’m not a coffee-addict as I do drink other things depending on my mood and where I am at that particular time of day. I like my Tim Horton’s “Iced Cappuccino” as Timmy’s makes the best “Iced Cap” or I may go to Jugo Juice for a fruit smoothie, but eventually I’ll return for my “cuppa Joe.” Hey, nothing beats the real deal and if you like  coffee, then go for it.

Naturally if you have a cup of coffee, then it makes sense to enjoy a snack or pastry with it. And in Victoria, there is such a plethora of coffee houses that carries fabulously decadent desserts along with its trays of healthy muffins, that it would be an absolute crime to by-pass a “goodie”–buttery croissants, triple-fudge pecan brownies, cinnamon swirl brioches, orange-almond Danishes, blueberry or apple streusel or lemon poppy-seed coffeecakes, thick cranberry-walnut cookies as big as the palm of a logger’s hand and so much more.

I like trying coffee at different places–some are excellent while others are merely okay. I’ve noticed that some businesses now offer the new Keurig method of choosing your own “pod” and brewing your own individual cup. It’s nice and quick but I still like the old-fashion way of measuring the right amount of freshly ground coffee and brewing up a pot–a pot of coffee to share with family and friends. Anyone for coffee?

6 thoughts on “Coffee, Anyone?

    1. Nanaimo bars are fabulous–and most Canadians feel that “theirs” are the best! Yes, we all have our own versions which can be a closely guarded secret, but you’re practically my “sister” so I’ll share mine with you. . . 🙂 J


  1. Ah, coffee, dark mistress of the morning. The first cup is the best although the second cup is usually excellent. However, my quad shot Mexican mocha – non fat, of course – combines the best – chocolate and coffee. The concoction is excellent writing fuel.



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