Where did they learn that?

Kids say the funniest things–things probably picked up from an adult who didn’t realize what little kids remember.  My friend’s grand-daughter just had a birthday. She’s a brand new eight and with definite ideas on fashion. Her Nana had just passed her a bulky package.

Eagerly pulling the tissue paper apart,  Anya shook out the gaily striped summer top.

“Oo-oh, I like this top, Nana.” She pulled aside more tissue and shook open the pair of jeans. “But I don’t like these, Nana. Did Aunty Bee buy this? I’ve never liked the feel of jeans.”  My friend confessed the parcel was from both her and Aunty Bee. At which point, the mini-munchkin announced, “If Aunty Bee bought these, then Aunty Bee has to return them.”

Days later, I met up with my friend Bee. “Hey, what happened with Anya’s birthday prez?” I asked.

Laughing, Bee said she had stopped by the house to give Anya her present. Bee knew the kids had just gotten home from their day-camp but the parents wouldn’t be home for another half hour. Ringing the door-bell, Bee had caught the quick flash of a face at the window,  quickly ducking out of view. Bee rang the doorbell again.

A voice from behind the door announced, “We are sorry we missed your call. Your visit is very important to us. Please leave a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible.”

With a straight face, Bee replied, “I’m sorry I missed you too as I have a very important parcel to deliver  and I guess it just goes back to the store.” Bee laughed as she recalled how quickly the door flew open. And yes, the pair of colorful summer pants met with approval.




4 thoughts on “Where did they learn that?

  1. What a funny story. It conjured a faded image from a too distant past. I was a Early Childhood Educator for young moms, the weather was hot, I was wearing a summer dress. A three year old girl said, “Leanne, that dress looks so nice on you.” Correction a three year old fashionista. : )


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